How to Maintain Healthy Hair: Daily Hair Care Routine

Who doesn’t want long, shiny, and healthy hair? A thick mop of hair is everyone’s dream. But it may not always be easy to do this. There are many things that can make your hair look dull and dry, like an unhealthy diet, pollution, a bad lifestyle, and the wrong kind of hair care products you use. If you’re having trouble with this, the first thing you need to do is change your daily hair care routines. Hair coloring doesn’t damage your hair! Choose the best hair color shampoo  that causes No Side Effects to you or causes damage to your hair.


Hair Care Tips

Let’s have a look at some daily hair care suggestions and how to maintain healthy hair that you may use to keep your hair in good condition.

1. Oil Massage

The first thing that you should incorporate into your regular hair care routine is an oil massage or a pre-shampooing routine is the best ways to revive your hair at home , and this is true regardless of the type of hair that you have. Massage your scalp and hair with coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, or any other oil of your choice. This will help to increase blood circulation while also providing your hair with much-needed hydration. Hair should be massaged with oil and then left to sit for at least one hour or overnight before being washed with a mild shampoo. Your hair will immediately become softer and more lustrous.

Oil massage improves the manageability of dry hair. The oil can be applied to the hair and left on overnight before washing it off with a hair cleanser for those with dry hair. A wide variety of herbal-infused hair oils are readily accessible on the market, each of which claims to encourage hair growth, minimize hair loss, eliminate dandruff, and the like. On the internet, you can readily find recipes for making your own herbal hair oil that can address a variety of hair issues.

2. Cleanse

One of the most crucial aspects in best ways to revive your hair at home is keeping your hair clean. No matter what kind of hair you have, you should always wash it with a shampoo and use a conditioner to maintain it clean. A pre-shampooing routine is also critical to preserving your hair’s shine and moisture. Your hair type does influence how you wash it. Using hot water to wash your hair can rob your hair of its natural oils, resulting in dry and dull hair, so avoid it at all costs. The use of a shampoo containing harsh compounds (such as parabens and sulfates) might cause more harm than good because it can strip your scalp of its natural oils and cause your hair to become brittle. When it comes to natural hair, it is critical to use high-quality products. If you have color-treated or bleached hair, you must use hair products that are designed specifically for coloured hair in order to prevent the color from fading.

3. Conditioning

A decent shampoo is important, but a conditioner is even more essential to keeping your hair healthy. Adding moisture and shine to your hair are both possible benefits of using a conditioner. Rinse the conditioner out of your hair after a few minutes of application if you’ve just washed your hair. Conditioner should not be applied to the hair’s roots or scalp. As long as your hair isn’t too oily, you don’t need to use a conditioner. The natural oils that come from your hair will keep your hair moisturized and shiny. Normal or dry hair means that you can’t skip conditioner at all, so you need to use one. Every time you wash your hair, you must use a hair conditioner to make your hair look better. If you don’t use natural hair care products, you can use simple things from your kitchen. Hair conditioners made from ripe bananas, honey, curd, avocados, oatmeal, and so on are great.

4. Hair Mask

A hair mask should replace your conditioner every two to three weeks in order to keep frizz at bay, add shine, and heal damage. The combination of pollution and high temperatures causes your hair to appear extremely dry and frizzy. Using a hair mask to replenish moisture and soften and shine your hair is an excellent idea. Masks are also a great way to keep your hair moisturized and nourished, as well as strengthen it. For best results, go for commercial hair masks from the store, but using homemade hair masks approximately twice or three times a week can be just as effective.

5. Hair Serum

It is critical to apply a hair serum after every hair wash in order to have fully healthy hair that shines and does not appear frizzy. Similarly to powerful serums for your skin, hair serums are filled with active chemicals that permeate deeply into your hair and scalp when combined with the lightweight texture of the serum to protect and restore your strands.

6. Protection

Protecting your hair is the final, yet very crucial, step in your regular hair care process. As a result of pollution, environmental aggressors, heat tools, food, and general lifestyle choices, our hair suffers significant damage during the day, resulting in it appearing dull and frizzy. Applying a leave-in conditioner is a simple yet efficient approach to protect your hair from further damage. This product assists in the formation of a protective layer over your strands to preserve them from environmental damage while also maintaining their sleek and elegant appearance.


If you want to keep your hair in tip-top shape, you’ll need more than just a shampoo, conditioner, oil massage, and leave-in conditioner routine. If you routinely heat style or color your hair, you’ll need to give it extra attention to protect it from drying out. If you use a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling wand on a daily basis, you’ll dry out your hair. Your hair will begin to dry out and become brittle. Try to avoid using hot tools on your hair whenever possible. You can have fun with your hair by coloring it with hair dyes, but excessive use of these harsh chemicals can cause hair damage. Use natural hair color shampoo,  After a color treatment, give your hair time to heal before attempting another one.

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