Easy Party Hairstyles For Long Hair

Most people like to attend the party. But then you have to look attractive and look your best in your clothing. Only Beautiful clothing is not enough, but you also need to have an easy party hairstyle for long hair.  When women with long hair attend a party, their main problem is to choose a simple and beautiful hairstyle. Keep in mind that, hairstyles will help you look attractive, perfect and beautiful. Long hair can be styled in different ways as well as you can use dye hair color.

There are many types of hairstyles that you can do with your long hair. Remember to keep your hair healthy at all times. However, we think you should maintain the hair growth foods list.

You have to look for all those hairstyles that will fit your style of life and the length of your hair. However, according to the type of ceremony and party, hairstyles can be different. It is important to remember that many times we can not do hairstyles because of dandruff and Other hair problem .

Here we have discussed some of the easy hairstyles for long hair.


Conclusive Party Hair Rules:

  • Keep the hair away from the front of your face for the best results.
  • Spray the hair spray on slippery glistening bobby pins, Make sure they remain in the same place overnight.
  • Make sure that the flat part of the bobby pin is on the front. And the uneven part is on the inside.
  • Keep your braid clean for formal events. Make it a bit more boho and raunchy for casual parties.
  • Perhaps, the most important rule: make sure that the hairstyle is comfortable for you- and you feel good wearing it.

Some Ideas, Easy Party Hairstyles For Long Hair -which You Can Try.

And now- I’ll show you how to make a hairstyle for a party.

#Braid Updo

 Easy Party Hairstyles For Long Hair is the first style is Braided Updo

1. First of all, divide your hair into two segments.

2. Make a Dutch braid in each section, pancaking it as you go. Make sure that both of your braids are slightly in the middle.

3. Both braids cover a spiral around each other and pin in place. You can place braids wherever you want to make buns – it totally depends on you!


#Duel Half  Dutch Braids

1. Collect a rectangular section of hair about 10 cm from your forehead.

2. Break down these sections down the middle of the head into two equal sections.

3. Do a Dutch braid on every part, pancaking as you go!

4. It is to be remembered that this style can not be done for many times due to dryness and hair fall. But you can get rid of this problem with Home Remedies for Hair Fall and Dandruff.

Easy Party Hairstyles For Long Hair

#Half-Up Fishtail Flower

1. Take a broad part of hair from the front of the head and shape a Dutch fishtail 

2. When you reach the bottom half of your head, stop adding hair and do a fishtail braid.

3. Roll up the fishtail around in a spiral (Make sure it gets smaller with the twist) and pin in place.

Easy Party Hairstyles For Long Hair

#Half-up stacked-up Bride

1. Take a small part of hair from the right-hand side of the head, and away from the section.

2. Take a bigger section of hair directly next to it and lead off a Dutch lace braid across the head.

3. Tie it off after a small number off centimeters of plaiting.

4. Pick up the first small part of the hair, plait it – then tie it off.

5. Pin it precisely in the midpoint of the Dutch braid.

6. Tie them in one place at the end!


# Plaited Flower

Pick up a part of the hair to the side of your head and do a Dutch braid crossways your head, pancaking it as you go.

Do another pancaked Dutch braid With the bottom at first one.

Now take the last part of the first braid and roll it into a spiral shape to convert it into a flower.

Apply it to a specific place with a pin.

Pick up the end of the second braid and wrap it on all sides of the first flower, generate an illusion of one big flower.

Pin it accurate place.

Easy Party Hairstyles For Long Hair

# Fish-tail Updo

1. Pick up a part of hair from the front of the head near the forehead (From where you want to start fish-tail braid).

2. Beginning a fishtail braid in the direction of the right-hand side of the head.

3. Carry on with braiding creating sure that you use all the hair from both sides of the head (exactly as if you were doing a centered fishtail braid – but on the side of the head).

4. Carry on with the fishtail braid until you have no more hair left. Then, go on with a fishtail braid until the ending of the hair – and closed it

5. Take the fishtail plait and wrap it on all sides of in a spiral creating sure that the spiral gets continuously smaller. Finally, Pin it to place!

fish-tail-style-Easy Party Hairstyles For Long Hair

#Triple ladders braid With flower

1. Take a tiny part of hair from one side of the head and begin a twist waterfall braid across the head.

2. Bind it off as soon as you finish attach in hair to the braid.

3. Collect another tiny part of hair from one side of the head and start twisting a curved waterfall braid. Except for this braid, use the sections that went through the top braid when applying more hair. This creates the ‘ladder’ effect.

4. Repeat step 3 with a tiny part of hair underneath to make three ladder braids.

5. Tie up the ends of all the braids with each other into a small ponytail, and plait the hair in the ponytail.

6. Now to make the flower, wrap the hair braids in a round manner.


# Ladder Braid with a Twist

1. Pick up a tiny part of hair from the side of the head and do a twist waterfall braid.

2. Carry on with twisting the strands at the end for a few centimeters and then bind it off.

3. Take a tiny part of hair a few centimeters lower down the first one and make a lace braid. Make sure that the strands you bring are the strands that come from the twist of a waterfall braid.

4. Assemble the hair at the end of the twist. And tie the plait- and you’re ready


#Braid like a rope

1. Take a section of hair from the left side of the head and braid like a rope, it in the middle corner of the head. Just bring the hair from the left side of the head.

2. When there is no more hair left to add, just wrap the strands around each other and tie up at the end.

3. With the right side hair and follow the same procedure – only the hair from the right side of the head should be brought.

4. Take the ends of both braids and twist them around each other to tie the ends of the braid together.

5. Stop it up – and you’re ready.


#Half Fishtail Braid

1.  Get hold of a small section of your hair from both sides of the head.

2. Make a small ponytail by tying these sections back together in the middle.

3. Flip the ponytail on all sides of itself at once so you create a curving effect.

4. Gently pull the tweets to loosen it up a bit.

5. Repeat this process so that you have the second curved ponytail underneath the first area.

6. Take the rest of the hair from the ponytails and lower the hair below and start the fishtail plait, pancaking as you go.

7. Tie it up with a rubber band and fulfilled it.


#Braid like a waterfall

Braid like waterfall Being one of the easy party hairstyles for long hair. Follow our instructions to do this style

 1. Collect a tiny part of the hair in the direction of one side of the head and Make a four-strand waterfall braid on the back of the head

 2. Continue to braid it on a four-strand plate for a few centimeters, and turn it off.

 3. Go back and lightly pancake the braid.

 4. Collect a tiny part of the hair under the first part.

 5. Create a fishtail braid in this part, Make sure the hair you bring is the hair that comes from the four-strand fountain.

6. Merge four-strand plait and fishtails and bind with a rubber band


#Dutch Braid and Fishtail

1. Get hold of a part of hair from the leading of the head and do a Dutch braid underneath the middle. Bind it into a low ponytail.

2. Generate a massive effect by pancaking the braid.

3. Take up the ponytail and do a fishtail plait, Do pancaking as you go

4. Bind it off at the end.

5. Get hold of the fishtail and wrap on all sides of in a spiral to set up a bun.

6. Pin it in place -and get ready for the congratulations.


#Stacked Braid Updo

1. Get hold of a tiny amount to medium-sized part of hair from the very front of the head and part it off.

2. Get hold of a large-scale part of hair under the first one.

3. Do a Dutch five -strand braid with the massive part of the hair, Do pancaking as you go. 

4. Bind it off into a less ponytail- where you want the foundation of the bun to be.

5. Using the first tiny part of the hair, make a four-strand plate slightly pancaking as you go. Stop when you reach the ponytail.

6. Attach the four-strand plait to the ponytail using another hair tie.

7. Turn the ponytail into a bun by twisting it on all sides of itself.

8. Pin the bun in place.

9. Pin the four-strand plait toward a lower position at the center of the five-strand braid So that it does not move around.

Stacked-Braid -Up-do

#Easy Hairstyles: Half Up Bow

This hairstyle bow is made from your hair, not just an attachment. By doing this hairdo, you will look like a Disney Princess! It enhances your innocent and beautiful appearance.


The last word:

Hopefully, our easy party hairstyles for long hair inspired you to rock cool hairstyles for the next party, be it themed, dinner or even an Indian wedding party!

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