Frizzy hair: a combination of environmental pollution

Environment pollution, sun exposure, lack of moisture, genetics, damage…. Or frizzy hair? Although all of them are related to each other sometimes it’s hard to understand what causes the frizz of your hair? Are you frustrated with having frizziness on your hair? If you are living in a humid climate, it can bring you natural […]


Dry hair || Causes, Fix, Home remedy And How to diagnosis

The situation of dry hair mostly happens when your hair roots don’t get enough oil to make your scalp and hair moisturized.The dryness of hair happens when all things (heat, harsh chemicals treatments, thinks friction) can attack the protective outer layer. It has a great impact on both men as well as women at any […]


Ginger for hair growth | 8 awesome benefits and uses rule.

The warming and stimulating effects of ginger for hair growth are amazing. The medicinal properties of ginger were discovered around 2000 years ago. Due to its strong and spicy aroma, it occupies an important place as a spice as well as medicine. Ginger is also known as “ Zingiber Officinale ”. It is one of […]


Green tea for hair | 10 Amazing benefits for hair and health

Green tea for hair can play an important role in maintaining healthy hair. Everyone desires healthy hair. We spend a lot of money to determine the quality and health of our hair. Are you suffering from hair loss? I will suggest you, try the amazing green tea. Having green tea will improve your hair growth […]

rose water for hair

Rose Water for Hair: Benefits, and uses tips.

Who says roses are just for giving to people in love? For centuries, women have been using this rose as a symbol of devotion to enhancing their beauty. Besides, beauty conscious ladies are keen to use rose water for hair. It gets even said that in ancient Greece, the aristocratic Romans used roses as a […]

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